We are going to restart as a new innovative company

From a R&D start up company of industrial LCD monitor industry, Logitel has grown into a quality high tech product developing and manufacturing company providing valuable solution products to the customers worldwide.
Logitel has been developed many different kinds of LCD display products such as winning number displays, gaming monitors and high-end Videowall systems since in 2003. Now, we are going to restart as a new innovative company with the changed name of SFB LOGITEL INC.

“SFB” means invisible Space Flowers coming from wisdom.
Like our new changed company name, we are going to create the new concept of LCD display systems powerfully equipped with the LED lighting device, innovative wheelable mechanism of aluminum stand module, excellent motor technology for continuous rotating of the displays. We convince that this unique technology combining excellence with innovation will create the next generation display
systems in this industry.

Our mission is to add most innovative technologies to the displays that are not in the past but necessarily exist in the future. Combining excellent technologies with innovations, we aim at the most powerful and successful developer and manufacturer as a world first leader in advanced technology industry. If you need more information, please visit our website at www.sfblogitel.com